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DEER 2011 Release

DEER2011release.pdf 206.14 KB

Robotics Rodeo 2010

RoboticsRodeologo.jpg 182.54 KB

Renewable Energy Rodeo and Symposium

EnergyRodeo2010logo.jpg 1.11 MB

TARDEC CCS Vehicle Rendering

100408-A-1234-001-SAErendering.jpg 386.18 KB

tardec logo

TARDEClogo.JPG 35.77 KB

TARDEC display at SAE 2010

100405-A-1234W-001-SAErendering.jpg 233.03 KB


100401-A-1234W-001.jpg 581.75 KB

U.S. Army Debuting Trip-Wire Mitigation Device

100309-A-1234J-001.jpg 377.78 KB

TARDEC Scientists Awarded 2010 Research Grants to Pursue Sensor-Enhanced Armor Technology

meitzler-bankowski.JPG 3.49 MB

Pelosi-Bochenek jpg

Pelosi_Bochenek.jpg 1.24 MB

TARDEC Showcases Army Robots and Hybrid-Electric Technology to San Antonio Schools during

100105-A-1234J-AAB%20School%20tour.jpg 290.07 KB
100108-A-1234C-ABB.JPG 84.42 KB

U.S. Army’s TARDEC to Showcase Alternate Energy Vehicle, Technology at 2010 North American International Auto Show

APD cut out.jpg 1.89 MB
CERV.jpg 4.44 MB

Army Robots to Headline All-American Bowl Celebration


TARDEC Shares Engineering and Technology Vision with Army’s Commander of Research and Science Programs

091208-A-1234C-152.JPG 5.62 MB
091208-A-1234C-168.JPG 6.58 MB

Army Vice Chief of Staff Tours TARDEC at Detroit Arsenal

091124-A-2361D-078.jpg 3.57 MB
091124-A-2361D-093.jpg 2.82 MB
091124-A-2361D-150.jpg 2.18 MB
20091124-A-7182N044.JPG 889.72 KB

TARDEC Robots Boss Goes to Washington

Overholt_Jim DR.jpg 887.67 KB

TARDEC Robots Provide Safer, High-Tech Inspection Capabilities At Border Crossings And Security Checkpoints

11_02_09 ODIS System.jpg 1.01 MB
11_02_09 ODIS Vehicle Inspection.jpg 169.17 KB
11_02_09 Spector Robotic System.jpg 241.05 KB

Are Hybrids the Answer to Military’s Fuel Consumption, Logistic Needs?

TARDEC_HTUF2009.jpg 37.76 KB

TARDEC Embraces Ambitious Agenda To Meet Nation’s Energy Awareness Goals, Leverage The Best Technologies Available

10_15_09 Army Vehicle Refueling Lines.jpg 2.87 MB
10_15_09 GSPEL Laboratory.jpg 1.71 MB
10_15_09 TARDEC Battery Research.jpg 883.58 KB

Command of Joint Project Office Changes Hands at Detroit Arsenal

090928-A-1234C-001.JPG 3.93 MB
090928-A-1234C-002.JPG 3.27 MB
090928-A-1234C-003.JPG 3.58 MB
090928-A-1234C-004.JPG 3.74 MB

TARDEC Director to Speak at Two Defense Industry Conferences

081022-A-1234C-008.jpg 2.66 MB

TARDEC Mine Resistant Underbody Earns U.S. Army Acquisition Corps Award

090312-A-8561R-797.jpg 1.66 MB
091004-A-1234T-053.jpg 3.50 MB
091004-A-1234T-056.jpg 3.26 MB
10_0609 LVUPS Underbody Protection.jpg 47.08 KB

Marines Examine TARDEC Technology at Expo

090929-A-1234O-001.jpg 1.27 MB
090929-A-1234O-002.jpg 1.02 MB

From a Vehicle Perspective, Could the Army Lead the Nation in Greening the Country

APD photo.JPG 5.27 MB

Two TARDEC Technologies Touted at 2008 Army’s Greatest Inventions Ceremony

[1] 090123-A-9907M-004.jpg 1.58 MB
[2] 091007-F-2679L-179.jpg 1.36 MB
[3] OSRVT 1.jpg 27.53 KB
[4] OSRVT 2.jpg 22.88 KB
[5] OSRVT 3.jpg 196.72 KB
[6] 090921-A-1234B-001.jpg 1.83 MB
[7] 090921-A-1234B-002.jpg 2.03 MB
[8] 090921-A-1234B-003.jpg 1.91 MB

Fort Hood’s III Corps, TARDEC to Host First-Ever “Robotics Rodeo” in Texas

GVSETS Robots.JPG 7.24 MB
Robot Rodeo Logo.pdf 82.30 KB

In-Depth Technical Discussions Conclude Inaugural Ground Vehicle Technology Symposium


Industry Leaders Take Center Stage During Ground Vehicle Technology Symposium’s Second Day

DSC_3400.JPG 4.98 MB
DSC_3564.JPG 5.16 MB

TARDEC, Michigan Congressional Delegation Break Ground on Army’s Next Generation Ground Vehicle Power and Energy Initiatives

GSPEL_Overall_w_Labels_032709.jpg 1.71 MB
Groundbreaking Photo.JPG 5.26 MB

TARDEC Grants $166,000 Contract to Curtiss-Wright Controls for Unmanned Ground Vehicle Components

DSC_0148.jpg 4.63 MB
DSC_0190.jpg 2.35 MB

RDECOM, Australian Defence Sign Joint Robotics Agreement

090807-A-1234T-001.JPG 4.87 MB
090807-A-1234T-002.JPG 4.73 MB

TARDEC’s New 8-in-1 Laboratory Will Spearhead Research into Alternative Energy Development

20090212-A-2361D-003.jpg 4.42 MB
HEVEA.jpg 641.42 KB

U.S. Army Engineers Hear Voice of 82nd Airborne Battle-Seasoned Soldiers

090721-A-1234T-005.jpg 4.87 MB
090721-A-1234T-006.jpg 4.72 MB
090721-A-1234T-022.jpg 4.95 MB
090721-A-1234T-036.jpg 5.43 MB

Exhibit to Preserve, Highlight Arsenal of Freedom History

090715-A-1234X-001.jpg 1.31 MB
090715-A-1234X-002.jpg 1.14 MB
090715-A-2361D-001.jpg 6.27 MB

TARDEC to Support Southeastern Michigan Automotive-Robotics Initiative

090710-A-1234F-001.jpg 1.95 MB
iRobotWarrior700.jpg 18.92 MB

U.S. Army Engineers Discuss Power and Energy Capabilities

090709-A-1234W-001.jpg 1.57 MB
090709-A-1234W-002.jpg 1.54 MB

Registration Now Open for NDIA Ground Vehicle Systems Engineering and Technology Symposium

GVSETS_Art.pdf 108.42 KB

Bright Minds on Display at Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition

090601-A-1234D-001.jpg.jpg 1.20 MB
090601-A-1234D-002.jpg.jpg 1.50 MB
090601-A-1234X-001.jpg.jpg 435.04 KB
090601-A-1234X-002.jpg.jpg 526.54 KB
090601-A-1234X-003.jpg.jpg 495.02 KB
090601-A-1234X-004.jpg.jpg 393.63 KB

Skalny Addresses Importance of Improved Fuel Efficiency at SAE Panel

090422-A-1234C-016.JPG 5.19 MB
090422-A-1234C-019.JPG 6.02 MB

Governor Schwarzenegger Views U.S. Army Green Technology

090420-A-1234C-075.jpg 2.19 MB
090420-A-2361D-165.JPG 4.26 MB
090420-A-2361D-186.JPG 6.97 MB

TARDEC’s National Automotive Center Restructures to Meet Road Ahead

NAC.jpg 687.98 KB
TARDEC.jpg 233.75 KB

SAE International to Honor TARDEC’s Chief Scientist

081017-A-2361D-001.jpg 2.93 MB
090408-A-1234X-001.jpg 2.63 MB

Warrant Officer’s suggestion saves lives, earns $25,000

090305-A-2361D-005.JPG 6.93 MB
090311-A-1234X-001.jpg 340.21 KB
090311-A-1234X-002.jpg 70.61 KB
090311-A-1234X-003.jpg 41.73 KB
090311-A-1234X-004.jpg 43.84 KB
Fleet of M915 Tractors_080903-F-3649K-004.jpg 1023.31 KB

Detroit Native Christopher Scott Among Black Engineer of the Year Honorees

TARDEC-PR-0914_1_ChrisScott1.JPG 5.15 MB
TARDEC-PR-0914_2_ChrisScott2.JPG 5.07 MB
TARDEC-PR-0914_3_ChrisScott3.jpg 782.55 KB
TARDEC-PR-0914_4_TARDEC-PR-BEYA-20509_PP_mw_2-20.doc 293.50 KB

TARDEC Takes Lead at Cobra Gold 2009

TARDEC-PR-0913_1_Cobra2.jpg 1.57 MB
TARDEC-PR-0913_2_Warrior.jpg 1.44 MB
TARDEC-PR-0913_3_iRobot Warrior 700 2.jpg 18.92 MB

“Feedback from the Front”: Considering Soldiers’ Needs When Designing Products

TARDEC-PR-0903_WarfighterPanel_001.JPG 4.29 MB
TARDEC-PR-0903_WarfighterPanel_002.JPG 5.04 MB
TARDEC-PR-0903_WarfighterPanel_003.JPG 4.34 MB

Robotics Team Assists President Barack Obama

TARDEC-PR-0902_Inauguration_001.jpg 2.40 MB
TARDEC-PR-0902_Inauguration_002.jpg 3.45 MB
TARDEC-PR-0902_Inauguration_003.jpg 4.83 MB

TARDEC Robots Highlight U.S. Army All-American Bowl Festivities

TARDEC-PR-0901_AAB_001.JPG 1.38 MB
TARDEC-PR-0901_AAB_002.JPG 4.20 MB
TARDEC-PR-0901_AAB_003.JPG 5.11 MB
TARDEC-PR-0901_AAB_004.JPG 4.58 MB
TARDEC-PR-0901_AAB_005.JPG 4.25 MB
TARDEC-PR-0901_AAB_006.JPG 4.86 MB
TARDEC-PR-0901_AAB_007.JPG 6.36 MB

Dr. David Gorsich Named TARDEC’s Chief Scientist

TARDEC-PR-Gorsich.jpg 2.93 MB

TARDEC Associate Receives 2007 Louis Dellamonica Award

TARDEC-PR-0842_Molitoris.jpg 1.23 MB

TARDEC Experts Play Prominent Role in Power & Energy (P&E) Workshop

TARDEC-PR-0841_1_Coutteau.JPG 6.91 MB
TARDEC-PR-0841_2_Bochenek.JPG 6.14 MB
TARDEC-PR-0841_3_Skalny.JPG 7.24 MB
TARDEC-PR-0841_4_Fischer.JPG 6.69 MB
TARDEC-PR-0841_5_Cole.JPG 6.96 MB

72-Hour Collaboration Leads to Safer Vehicle Restraint Systems for Soldiers

TARDEC-PR-GRS_1_Manceor.jpg 4.77 MB
TARDEC-PR-GRS_2_Engineers.jpg 3.20 MB
TARDEC-PR-GRS_3_CC.jpg 2.04 MB
TARDEC-PR-GRS_4_31.jpg 2.34 MB
TARDEC-PR-GRS_5_Cougar.jpg 1.32 MB

President Names Bochenek 2008 Meritorious Executive

TARDEC-PR-0838_HIP.jpg 1.63 MB


TARDEC-PR-0837_Gorsich.jpg 2.93 MB

Detroit Arsenal Team Members Receive 2008 Dr. Wilbur B. Payne Award

TARDEC-PR-0836_MRAP.jpg 3.28 MB

TARDEC Participates in Engineering Job Fair

TARDEC-PR-0835_ESD.jpg 214.91 KB

U.S. Army Recruits Industry for Sustainable Energy Vehicle

TARDEC-PR-0833_Bochenek.jpg 3.90 MB

TARDEC’s NAC Continues to Develop Medium- and Heavy-Duty Hybrid Technologies for Dual Use

TARDEC-PR-0832_MXT.jpg 11.71 KB

TARDEC Demonstrates ISO 14001 Excellence for Second Consecutive Year

TARDEC-PR-0831_Lab.jpg 361.57 KB

TARDEC to Display Vehicles at Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Event

TARDEC-PR-0830_ATV.jpg 4.10 MB
TARDEC-PR-0830_FTTS.jpg 1.39 MB

TARDEC Receives Four U.S. Army Acquisition Corps (AAC) Awards

TARDEC-PR-0829_1_Equip_MRAP.JPG 5.32 MB
TARDEC-PR-0829_2_HIP.JPG 5.71 MB
TARDEC-PR-0829_3_Collab_MRAP.JPG 5.27 MB
TARDEC-PR-0829_4_antenna.JPG 5.35 MB
TARDEC-PR-0829_5_all.JPG 5.82 MB
TARDEC-PR-0829_6_MRAP.jpg 2.65 MB
TARDEC-PR-0829_7_HIP.jpg 1.63 MB

UGV Hybrid Fuel Cell System Completes Successful Test

TARDEC-PR-0828_1_PackBot.jpg 1.50 MB

Detroit Arsenal Robotics Center of Excellence Features Five Cutting-Edge Robots at VIP Demonstration

TARDEC-PR-0827_1_TAG-CX.jpg 4.33 MB
TARDEC-PR-0827_2_Gladiator.jpg 4.47 MB

Senator Carl Levin and Dr. Grace Bochenek Address the NDIA First Annual Life Cycle Conference

TARDEC-PR-0826_1_Bochenek.JPG 4.10 MB
TARDEC-PR-0826_2_Levin.JPG 4.60 MB

TARDEC Looking for Experts, Submissions to Reduce Oil Dependence

TARDEC-PR-0825_1_FED.jpg 1.04 MB

TARDEC Participates in 2008 Infantry Warfighter Conference: Focus on Training Technologies for the Future Fight

TARDEC-PR-0823_1_Ha.JPG 2.46 MB
TARDEC-PR-0823_2_Freiberger.JPG 1.43 MB

Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army Announces Two TARDEC Projects Honored with Research and Development Awards

TARDEC-PR-0821_1_HEAT.jpg 1.62 MB
TARDEC-PR-0821_2_Granholm.jpg 3.98 MB

TARDEC Robots Take Center Stage at 2008 West Point Engineering Expo: Encouraging Cadets to Explore the Future of Engineering

TARDEC-PR-0820_1_Interns.jpg 1.46 MB
TARDEC-PR-0820_2_R-Gator.jpg 1.35 MB

TARDEC To Launch Fuel Efficient Demonstrator Program

TARDEC-PR-0822_1_FED.jpg 7.74 KB

TARDEC Director Presents at the 2008 Center for Automotive Research (CAR) Management Briefing Seminars

TARDEC-PR-0818_Granholm_cropped.jpg 3.98 MB

TARDEC Director is Featured Speaker at University of Michigan Robotics and Autonomous Technologies Conference

TARDEC-PR-0819_1_Levin.jpg 4.37 MB
TARDEC-PR-0819_2_Munson.jpg 4.41 MB
TARDEC-PR-0819_3_irobot.jpg 6.42 MB
TARDEC-PR-0819_4_Brater.jpg 5.98 MB

Governor Granholm and Senator Levin Visit Detroit Arsenal

TARDEC-PR-0815-1_Granholm-Levin.jpg 1.10 MB
TARDEC-PR-0815-2_Granholm-Levin.jpg 1.40 MB

NDIA Michigan Chapter Honors TARDEC Director with Silver Medal

TARDEC-PR-0814_1_NDIA_Bochenek.jpg 3.12 MB
TARDEC-PR-0814_2_NDIA_Award.jpg 717.99 KB

U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) Speakers to be Featured at NDIA

TARDEC-PR-0813_Robotics.pdf 1.73 MB

TARDEC Showcasing Army Vehicles at Transportation Corps Conference

TARDEC-PR-0812_1_TiltLoader.jpg 269.59 KB
TARDEC-PR-0812_2_MSV1.jpg 232.69 KB
TARDEC-PR-0812_3_MSV2.jpg 217.71 KB
TARDEC-PR-0812_4_MXT.jpg 762.40 KB

NDIA Hosts First Annual Robotics Vehicle Life Cycle Conference

TARDEC-PR-0811_Robotics.pdf 1.73 MB

Two TARDEC Projects Honored With 2007 Army Greatest Inventions Award -- Release 0810

TARDEC-PR-0810_1_AGI.jpg 3.08 MB
TARDEC-PR-0810_2_AGI.jpg 1.62 MB
TARDEC-PR-0810_3_AGI.jpg 5.45 MB
TARDEC-PR-0810_4_AGI.jpg 4.55 MB

FCS (BCT) Unveils Manned Ground Vehicle (MGV) Non-Line-of-Sight Cannon (NLOS-C) Powered by TARDEC-Developed Hybrid-Electric Technology -- Release 0809


Sen. Levin and TARDEC Director Encourage University Students to Pursue Robotics Education -- Release 0808

TARDEC-PR-0808_IGVC.jpg 1.14 MB

TARDEC Demonstrates MATTRACKS T4-3500 Robotic Project -- Release 0807

TARDEC-PR-0807_T4-3500.jpg 887.97 KB

Soldiers Select Two TARDEC Projects for 2007 Army Greatest Inventions -- Release 0806

TARDEC-PR-0806_HEAT.jpg 1.94 MB
TARDEC-PR-0806_SPARK.jpg 1.62 MB

TARDEC Fuels and Lubricants Technology Team Engineer Receives Award -- Release 0805

TARDEC-PR-0805_AllenComfort.jpg 956.26 KB

TARDEC/NAC Participate in SAE 2008 World Congress and the First Annual APBA -- Release 0804

TARDEC-PR-0804_Bochenek.jpg 4.49 MB
TARDEC-PR-0804_NAC_Exhibit.jpg 4.45 MB