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Participant Registration

Participant Registration for the 2012 Robotics Rodeo is closed.

The registration fees to participate in the Robotics Rodeo are based on the size of the business and type of organization.

If the organization is a college, university, non-profit or small business, the registration fee will be $500, per challenge or vignette. For all other organizations, the registration fee will be $1000 per challenge or vignette.

Registration fees for the 2012 Robotics Rodeo includes:

  • Pre-Approved Participation in the Challenges and/or Vignettes
  • Participation in the Extravaganza (open to the public)
  • Display Space
    • Indoor display / per technology accepted
      • 10' x 10' (on grass/dirt/gravel)
      • One 8ft. table and two chairs
      • Power (standard 110-volt electrical outlet)
    • Outdoor display / per technology accepted
      • 15' x 10' (on grass/dirt/gravel)
  • Work zone 20' x 50'
  • Larger indoor and outdoor displays are available for purchase

Additional indoor space is available in 10' frontal increments and additional outdoor space is available in 15' frontal increments. The fee for each additional increment is $500/$1000 as stated above.

The registration fee is the same for organizations participating in only the Extravaganza.

Visitor Registration

All U.S. citizens are welcome to attend the Robotics Rodeo Extravaganza free of charge pending completion of the visitor forms.

Extravaganza Visitor Form

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